Glenn Hatton Lecture

Who was Glenn Hatton

Robert Haddon

Glenn Hatton was one of the co-founders and much of the energy behind establishing UCR's Center for Glial-Neuronal Interactions.  To this day, many of us tend to favor either the neuro or glial side of the glial-neuronal interactions when studying the function or dysfunction of the nervous system. Glenn Hatton was one of the few researchers who excelled in both areas and was able to bridge the divide between these camps.  In doing so, he helped to create the field of glial-neuronal interactions.  Each year, we honor his memory with the Glenn Hatton Lecture.

Read the University of California Academic Senate's In Memoriam Tribute to Glenn Hatton

Past Hatton Lecturers

  • 2009 Bruce Trapp: Glial-Neuronal Interactions in Health and Disease (symposium held in November 2009)
  • 2011 Douglas A. Coulter: Selective Induction of Astrocytic Gliosis Generates Deficits in Neuronal Inhibition (symposium moved to January)
  • 2012 Michael Halassa: Thalamo-cortical State Dynamics-optical and Molecular Dissection of Neural and Glial Elements
  • 2013 Staci Bilbo: Neural-Glial Interactions in the Reward Circuitry of the Brain
  • 2014 Bruce Ransom: Glial Glycogen and Nervous System Energy Metabolism-The Surprises Keep Coming
  • 2015 Brian MacVicar: Synaptic Sensing and Modulation by Microglia - A Role for Neurodegeneration?
  • 2016 Edwin Rubel: Studies of Binaural Hearing Pathways Suggest a New Look at Neural-Glial Interactions
  • 2017 Tore Eid: Role of Astroglial Glutamine Synthetase in Brain Physiology and Disease
  • 2018 Margaret McCarthy: Oligodendrocytes as Environmental Sensors
  • 2019 Maria Lehtinen: Choroid plexus-cerebrospinal fluid based signaling in developing brain
  • 2020 Kelly Monk: Molecular and genetic mechanisms of glial cell development
  • 2021 Alexis Stranahan: It's not the fat, it's where it's at: Adipose tissue distribution determines the cognitive effect of obesity
  • 2022 Anna Victoria Molofsky: Immune mechanisms of neural circuit remodeling